About Matim Software

Matim Software, conceived in 2009 and officially started 2014(India) and 2015 (Texas, USA), Team with 19 years of IT Industry experience, provides software solutions for Air Freight Forwarders. We are rigorously working for greater efficiency in this crucial business by providing the perfect solution required for running this highly competitive business

Enhanced Technology along with flexible customization and intuitive interface lays the core ideology behind the development of our perfect solution.

Matim Software brings a perfect combination of skills, experiences and credentials and leads the industry in providing everything needed to organize and automate processes so you can improve efficiency and increase profitability. Our strategic knowledge about the business operations of Air Freight Forwarders helps us understand changes within the market, while affording us an opportunity to guide industry players with our innovative ideas. To improve on quality, we constantly inspect our available services and add on more customized services to make our Customers completely satisfied.

Our belief is our Software Solution should constantly adapt and evolve and move towards becoming a perfect comprehensive integrated solution. With these beliefs and objectives in place, we at Matim Software, strive to create a technologically advanced solution for our Customers.




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